Frequently Asked Questions


I have 100 GB of soundfiles I need fixed. No way I can upload that !
– You’re right; don’t upload. Contact us and we’ll discus another solution. Probally it will involve sending a harddisk with the material. When finished I’ll send it back. The shipment costs will be added to the invoice.

I have lot’s of material that I would like enhanced. Can I get a discount?
– Don’t know, show me the material and I’ll make you an offer 😉

I’m an editor and I need to continue working but I do need some fixes.
– No problem. Just continue working and since I can leave the filenames and META DATA intact, simply replace or relink to the new fixed media once you’ve downloaded it.

Will the consult always stay free?
– If we find our self spending more time giving consult then resolving problems we could decide to charge a small fee.




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