What Can Be Fixed?

What audio problems can be fixed?

It would be impossible to name every problem. Unique problems arise every day and we certainly welcome them. Fortunately most problems can be fixed or improved by using sophisticated software. Unfortunately for most people this software is expensive, and furthermore has a steep learning curve. We already have this software and are very experienced in  using it.

So, let us take care of your audio problems. It will save you time and money.

We will make a free analysis if you sent us your audiofile. And, above all, explain what we can do for you.

Technical audio problems that can be fixed:
  • Hiss or hum. This sounds exactly like the words and is very distracting from the actual recording.
  • Noise from the environment. This means a constant noise like traffic, air conditioning, refrigerator etc.
  • Clipping and distortion. Maybe you have loud peaks in your audio that are distorted.
  • Dropouts or gaps in the recording.
  • Unclear recordings. Sometimes the content sounds far away and is muffled or clouded. This happens a lot when recording with a cellphone or a camera mic.
  • High frequencies. When equipment is not properly connected or shielded, your recording could suffer from high frequency elements.
  • Clicks and crackle. For example, from old records or a recording close to a campfire.
  • Wow and Flutter. The hole in your album isn’t in the middle or the tape machine that made the recording turned out to be not so stable ….
  • Unwanted elements. Sounds like for example car horns, cellphones or barking dogs.
  • Reverberation. A natural space can have beautiful acoustics, but what if it’s too much and the information is lost in reverberation?
Musical audio problems that can be fixed:
  • Out of tune. You recorded a unique take but it’s not spot on. For example vocals, solo instruments or even polyphonic instruments (piano or guitar) let us put it back in tune for you.
  • The wrong note. Brilliant solo. but that one note …. it’s wrong. We simply shift it to the note you intended to play and won’t tell anybody a thing 😉
  • Wrong balance. Maybe the guitars, vocals or drums are way to loud! Clever manipulation can fix your problems.
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